Reincarnated! Can your Sandals do this???

Reincarnated! Can your Sandals do this???

Before and after. A pair of sandals where one has had a resole and the other has not yet. Sandals by The Sole Workshop


A question we often get asked is, "Can our sandals be resoled?" 

The answer is...  Absolutely!

But did you know that the idea for resole is deeply rooted in the design of our products since The Sole Workshop began? 

With dreams of a time when products were not only made better, but were made to last, resole has been in our sandal DNA since day 1. Believe it or not, much of the design for the Original Wanderer comes from a love of wearing boots. Not just any boots but well made, rugged, and goodyear welted boots.

A good pair of boots will outlast all shoes and when you give them a resole, you can easily double their lifetime. 

We simply applied this concept to our sandals, giving them stitched construction and a leather base to which the Vibram™ rubber sole is attached. This one simple layer of leather not only makes the whole sandal stronger but is the foundation which facilitates a resole giving them a second or perhaps a third lifetime.  Who knows how far you will take them?.... 😀



All of our current models can be resoled as long as they have not undergone any major catastrophic damage. We can also repair and restitch most pairs if they have had extra heavy use. To find out more, please send us a message.

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