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Reincarnated! Can your Sandals do this???

  A question we often get asked is, "Can our sandals be resoled?"  The answer is...  Absolutely! But did you know that the idea for resole is deeply rooted in the design of our products since The Sole Workshop began?  Fascinated with dreams of a "Circular Economy" and of a time when products were not only made better, but were made to last, resole has been in our sandal DNA since day 1. Believe it or not, much of the design for the Original Wanderer comes from a love of wearing boots. Not just any boots but well made, rugged, and goodyear welted boots. A good pair of boots will outlast all shoes and when you give them a resole, you can easily...

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Wandering to a Different Tune

Originally published 03/2019 A Legend in the Making... The story of The Original Wanderer and the creation of The Sole Workshop go hand in hand. It was our first model stemming from the desire to create the best flip flop / sandal that would suit those of us who demand more. It was something we had searched for but could never seem to find. It needed to be comfortable and stand the test of time, as well as look great and fit even better. The Original Wanderer took over a year to perfect and while not the easiest sandal to construct, every component that goes into it has a well thought out and tested place in its design. The Original...

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Flip Flops, Sandals, Jandals and Thongs

Originally published 01/2019 What do YOU call them? Depending on where you ask the question, you might get a world of different responses. We wanted to share some of the names we have come across in our travels and experiences with friends around the world. Flip Flops For the sake of this article, and based on the fact that I am American, I generally refer to them as "flip flops". Not only because it is fun to say, but in the US and other parts of North America, it can mean only one thing. The name originates from the sound they sometimes make when walking. In the US we also use the term "sandals" often but that name can refer to...

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