Latest Update from The Sole Workshop

Latest Update from The Sole Workshop

Hello all,

Bill here with the latest update from The Sole Workshop to let you know what is going on as we roll into summer 2024.


Exciting new updates to The Original Wanderer


Cork Footbed

We are very happy to announce our new cork footbed that is rolling out of the shop on all Original Wanderer orders from now on. We have invested a lot of time, money, and testing over the past 2 years to create a new footbed with arch support that is at the core of our Original Wanderer model. 

Our cork footbed that goes into every pair of our Original Wanderer sandals.

Having always been fascinated with cork and its sustainable nature, we have found it to be the perfect material to give a firm comfort that breaks in and molds to your foot and is also more durable over time than foam. Our cork footbed is harvested and molded in Portugal by experts using sustainable practices in the protection of the cork oak forests. 

At the heart of every Original Wanderer from now on, it is the part that you will never see because of our unique welt construction, but rest assured that you will love the way it feels once broken in to make a footbed that is uniquely yours!

*We are currently working out the molds for smaller Women's sizes and therefore The Original Wanderer is currently only available in Men's sizing. Ladies, we thank you for your patience and understanding!!! We'll get it to you ASAP.


New Toe Strap

Longer, not wider and a lot more comfy and resistant. We've redesigned The Original Wanderer toe strap to be tougher and keep you going longer without adding width and bulk between the toes.

The toe strap features 2 layers of Kevlar at its core and is designed to spread the pressure over a larger area, giving strength to what is typically a sandals first point of failure. It is just one more improvement in our attempt to bring you the very best and longest lasting leather sandals.


Email list and spam issues

Happily, our email waiting list has worked flawlessly over the years and we have to this date, never had an issue with the order of the list.

Spam filters however, seem to block emails constantly so please add our hello@ email address to your safe senders list so you don't miss out on periodic updates and the email for when your place in line comes up. If in doubt or you think you missed an email from us, you can always contact us. 

(We try to be the least spammy business in the world by sending only a few mass emails per year and we don't even advertise. I guess the email algorithms don't like our handcrafted sandals?)


Current waiting times

Having added a few new members to our team, we are currently moving a bit faster than before, especially in regards to Sunblazers which are often ready to ship within a week. With that said, we still have an extremely long waiting list but we are trying to get a handle on it.

For those whose turn is coming up, we keep an accurate fulfillment time on each product page so that when placing an order, you know the latest point at which your order will ship. 


Thank you 🙏

We sincerely want to thank everyone for their patience and trust in The Sole Workshop! We will continue to make sandals differently because that is what we do best and it's why you are here. Sometimes good things take time.

We hope to make you something soon,


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