About Us

We are a family owned small business on a mission to make the best sandals!
 In a time of fast fashion and cheap products, we feel that the world has had enough. Our commitment is to build products to love, that last and get better with time. All while being respectful of the materials we use, the hands that make our products, and this planet which we all share.
We refuse to contribute to a disposable world and we encourage everyone to start buying better, consuming less, and to step outside and enjoy this planet!

The Team

Bill Schmitz, Founder of The Sole Workshop, holding a pair of sandals on the beach.


A product designer with a background in leather craft, Bill set off to create the perfect sandal in 2016 when he was frustrated with the quality and fit of what was on the market. After 2 years of prototyping and testing, the Original Wanderer was born and he founded The Sole Workshop as a way to make one of a kind products that are built to last. 

Bill is a former Floridian who knows a thing or two about wearing sandals daily and is a lover of all water & air sports. He is also a US national & World champion skydiver. From his atelier in Belgium, he proudly oversees each pair that we ship to satisfied clients all over the world.




Sunset handstand on the beach. Photo by Bill Schmitz.


Dana uses her love of life to bring a ray of sunshine to the workshop and to our communications.