About Our Sandals

Handmade Quality & Craftsmanship
Each pair is handmade in small batches in our atelier which ensures that no expense was spared to give you the highest quality product.  Attention to detail goes into every stitch! 

Due to high demand and the size of our small team, bespoke ordering is currently on hold until further notice. We hope to be able to offer this option again soon. View our Bespoke page to see some of our creations that we have made in the past.

Made to Measure
We believe fit to be the most important aspect to any article of clothing or footwear! A flip flop sandal has no laces nor adjustable straps and one size simply does not fit all.  Luckily for you, we think differently and crafting your pair to your size is what we do best. If you think you are in need of a custom fit, you may contact us when it's your turn for size and or made to measure advice.
We design all of our products for the longest possible life, giving you something that will share your journey for a very long time. We use thicker leathers, reinforced or pre-stretched straps that won't stretch over time, and the use of both hand & machine stitching to give an extra measure of security.
A long product life is something we value. That is why we guarantee the craftsmanship on everything we make to not let you down until you wear through the leather or rubber sole.
Leather & Materials
Each leather is hand selected at the tanneries and suppliers we work with. Comfort, durability, and quality are the criteria we use when selecting our materials and we settle for nothing less. Feel the difference...