The Sunblazer

Handcrafted in the finest veg tanned leathers,The Sunblazer is all about simplicity and quality materials to make a long lasting sandal that will patina well with time. 


The Sunblazer features a one piece strap carved from of a single piece of veg tanned leather which is hand stretched and shaped in our workshop and finished off with its signature hand stitching. A hard wearing veg tan leather top sole and Vibram™ rubber complete the flat minimalist sandal and provide comfort and traction.



At just over a cm thick, you can be sure they will be in every bag you pack. Just what you need to accompany you beachside or poolside as you seek out the sun and they look so good that you may end up leaving them on when the sun goes down. 



Where will you take them?

Sunblazer leather sandals on a beach in Hawaii.

Sunblazing on Kauai, Hawaii, Photo: Vince Arnone