Sunblazer - Shark - Veg Tan Leather

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Hand crafted in Italian veg tanned leather, cork from Portugal, and a choice of either leather, natural rubber, or a Vibram™ sole. The Sunblazer is all about simplicity and quality materials coming together to make a long lasting leather sandal that will patina with time. 


Just what you need to accompany you beachside or poolside as you seek out the sun and they look so good that you may end up leaving them on when the sun goes down.  Lightweight, with an overall thickness of just over a cm, you'll be sure to slip them into every bag you pack!


Features include

  • Full grain, veg tanned leather
  • Minimal and lightweight
  • Handcrafted to your size
  • Unique contour strap
  • Stitched for a long life
  • Vibram™ rubber sole
  • Resole possible


This past model is currently sold out.

As a small workshop producing only small batches of limited releases by hand, we work exclusively off of an email waiting list.

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