One Percent for the Planet

We are extremely proud to announce that The Sole Workshop is now a member of the 1% for the Planet network. This means that from now on, 1% of every product we craft and every resole we perform will be donated to an environmental partner within the 1% for the Planet network. This was an obvious decision for us and it is something that we see as one of many steps in building our brand in alignment with personal values.


1 percent for the Planet logo. The Sole Workshop is proud to be a member of this network


This critical step is more than a monetary donation but a sign that we are committed to becoming a solution to the environmental crisis as we grow. This planet is our playground and our home.

We will continue our mission of making long lasting, high quality products as our way of combating consumerism and disposable products. Making footwear that will share your journey and last for many years will remain our number one priority as long as we are here!

 Handmade leather sandals of cork, vegetable tanned leather, and Vibram™ sole rubber.

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